Surasang '88 Seoul Topokki Rice Cake with Hot Sauce Bowl - 170g/6oz



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88 Seoul Gungmul Rice Cake With Hot Sauce Topokki 170g Brand: 88 Seoul Name:

Topokki Rice cake with hot sauce Type: Cup Origin: Calories: 330 Ingredients: Rice,Salt,Ethyl Alcohol,Chicory Dietary Fiber, Citric Acid Soup base- Sugar Red pepper poweder salt monosodium glutimate soy sauce (soybean) Dried Flake- Mnufactured in a facility that also processes egg milk mustard peanuts fish crustacean, shelfish, sesame, sulphites, tree nuts, triticale, pork, chicken, and Beef

How to Prepare

1. Put rice cake, soup base, and dried flaken in bowl.

2. Pour 3/4 cup (150 ml) of water and stir well

3. Place the lid loosely on the bowl and microwave on High (1000 W) for 2 minutes 30 Seconds.

4. Stir well and Enjoy!